On this page we added the questions asked by our customers over time.

Q: What is the material used in this type of construction?
A: Our buildings are made of lacquered panels with 0.5 mm thickness of 85mm polyurethane expanded working pressure 40kg/m3, high strength material with excellent thermal and sound insulation.

Q: What is included in the house?
A: There are 4 types of rules in the acquisition of our homes:

> No assembly – If you choose to purchase a home without this assembly includes the entire structure of the house, plumbing, painting and electrical installation, clean water sewers have everything installed in panels, double glazing, aluminum the door moldings.

> With assembly – same as the previous solution but with the entire assembly is performed by our team.

> With assembly and finishing – In this mode you will receive all the above mentioned plus finishes that are: laminate flooring, bathroom furniture, kitchen with hood, hob and oven. There are some choices you can make about the floor models and furniture.

* Warning: You may choose to ask only 1 technician to monitor the work and hire a local team on your own. This way will save even more.

Q: The slab is included?
A: Slab is not included in the prices supplied by us must take into account that this is built for you or we can provide a prefabricated slab, the price of our slabs around 30 € per m2.

Remember that: Our houses can be set removable or property that depends on how you want the slab, the slab is prefabricated and laid so that no proof the soil is considered to be removable option possible for all terrains, if the slab is built on the site and laid directly on the ground the house is considered property. All modules are removable from the house.

Q: What is the strength, durability and guarantees the houses?
A: The materials used in our structures are already used for many years in the industry, we have the example of industrial buildings with tile sandwich, these materials are more durable and long lasting and suitable for comfort in housing have changed, maintenance is almost nil because the exterior finishes are lacquered can be coated without primary with a 100% acrylic, may also be given other types of finishes such as natural stone.

Warranty is given the structure of 2 years and 5 years of construction.
The house is solid and resistant to all kinds of weather, winds and storms. In seismic terms the house is more flexible than a brick house which prevents the walls to pop.

Q: Is it possible to build houses 1st floor?
A: Our concept meets able to offer the best efficiency, quality and price so we are not building solutions beyond single-story homes in this kind of house, but we can find solutions with other modular structures so that we can build your dream home.

Q: As far as moving to build houses?
A: We send worldwide and our teams also move to any part to make constructions.

Q: How long does the delivery and build?
A: The house is ready to start building 2-3 weeks from date of purchase, with the possible construction of conduct by our team within 2-10 days.

Q: What can I choose in the House?
A: Basically anything although there are a few types of finishes that are not recommended to visit us will have at its disposal a wide range of finishes from walls, floors, blackouts, window types, porch decks, exterior trim, among many others . In terms of plant can also make changes to the house that falls in the home you want.

Q: Can I start with a T1 and later increase to T3?
A: Yes, the family is always growing and made ​​thinking about the future of our modular homes can be adjusted to your needs, any time you can add or detract blocks, moving, changing, and much material is reusable lowering costs in changes you make.

Q: What if I start to build and cannot finish?
A: No problem, we can only send a technician to help you or send an entire team, we want everything to be the cheapest for you.

Q: Is it possible to put a fireplace / stove or air conditioner?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Where can I see a model house?
A: Although we have built homes throughout the world, for privacy of our customers do not provide addresses of the same however it was built a model house where we received all our visitors and customers located in Portugal.

Offer Price:
To ask the price of a house suggest that Indicate:
– Range and Type ( There are 3 ranges where the design of the house is different: Essential, Comfort and Selection )
– Format of Purchase ( There are 3 formats without mounting with mounting without finishing, assembly and finishing )

If you wish to submit a project for our analysis, we would be happy to submit a budget, However Please note that the term may vary depending on the complexity of it and can go up to 4 weeks.

Business Proposals:
If you wish to make a business proposal, since the commercialization of our products, national or international representations, partnerships.
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